About Us

Diagnostic Business Solutions, LLC is a company designed to work with other businesses and provide consultative services in areas of Operational Performance, Process Improvement, Education and Recruiting Services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide consultative services through collaborative partnerships, in areas associated with Operational Management, resulting in customized solutions that enable efficiencies and promote business growth.

We envision within the next three years to become known for impacting the community by helping business organizations create efficiencies that promote growth and development for their business, processes, products, and the people they serve.

Our core values are based on the creation of authentic accountable and innovative solutions that drive success.

Founder & CEO

As a lifelong resident of Philadelphia with over 30 years of experience in Corporate America, I love seeing businesses thrive and grow. This prompted me to create Diagnostic Business Solutions, LLC.   DBS works to ensure that the infrastructure of my client’s business is effective and efficient. 

My focus with supporting a business is specific to their Why, How and Who.  Looking at these components confirm that the policies, processes and staff are aligned with the business goals.  

In addition, as an advocate for personal and professional growth, I conduct adult learning classes empowering new residents to learn English as a second language.

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