Diagnostic Business Solutions (DBS), LLC works with clients on achieving their vision for business growth and retention by focusing on key operational components.

With the competitive and constant changing business environment, it’s important to build actionable strategies that produce rewarding results.  

DBS specializes in the art of asking the right questions to get to the root of your business needs. This is accomplished through individual consults with all key parties involved. This approach yields development of creative solutions and an implementation plan for areas of improvement.

Instructional Design

In today’s workforce, even technologies and processes that have proven to work can lose value if your employees aren’t properly prepared.  Your training curriculum must consistently address the company’s business objectives and solve employee development challenges. 

DBS specializes in developing custom learning solutions around your brand and your learners’ needs, using a blended learning approach.  Whether your organization is looking to sharpen employees’ skills or circulate new knowledge around the office, we can help you choose the right training delivery method. We develop robust training programs that can be administered through onsite Training, Online Training (WBT), or Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT).

Project Management

The growing complexity of staying on target with new and existing projects, the relentless wave of technology combined with running your business can become overwhelming.  DBS is here to help! 

DBS can help bring your projects from inception to implementation using project management skills and tools. Our disciplined, yet flexible approach has proven to be a good fit with the clients work style and culture while meeting their goals.

Facilitation/ Training

Employee training is a key factor in the success of a company. There are many training delivery methods, and each provides a different learning experience, which is why selecting the correct method is critical. We realize it takes serious effort to craft the ideal training program that works for your organization.  Selecting the best approach that sticks in your employee’s mind is our goal.

DBS takes into account the various types of learner’s (visual, audio, kinesthetic and reading/writing learners). The facilitators main goal is to keep the learners engaged by:

  • Having a thorough understanding of content.
  • Addressing the learners needs.
  • Encouraging class participation.
  • Conducting question and answer (Q&A) throughout training.
Process Improvement

The key to ensuring your business stays current and is working at its peak performance is the willingness to examine current processes and behaviors to identify areas of potential growth and improvement.

DBS utilizes a systematic approach to identify your business improvement needs. During that process we will:

  • conduct comprehensive interviews with business personnel to understand their current processes and rationale behind each action.
  • perform an assessment to ensure the correct skill set exists to achieve and maintain the companies’ goals. 
  • identify the key steps to accomplish the  companies’ goals.
  • develop, implement and test the outcome to ensure expectations are met.
Quality & Assurance

Effective quality assurance provides your organization with data empowerment! 

Do you measure the satisfaction levels  of your clients?  How do you ensure that the procedures and policies implemented in your organization are being followed?  What quality metrics do you have in place for data integrity? These are just a few of the key data points that, when measured on a consistent basis will drive success and identify areas of improvement within your business. That is how DBS can help you!

Procedure Documentation

When it comes to the successful operation of a business, documentation of processes are essential to getting a clear view of current operations. It provides instructions/guidelines for staff and serves as a continuous working document for areas of improvement.

DBS will create user friendly procedural material to easily depict the process flow of your business’ task requirements.  Some of these include:

  • policies/procedures – standardized policies and work procedures are the best way to ensure performance consistency.
  • flowcharts – Images of this type can easily describe business processes, and visually detail essential tasks and workflow.
  • checklists – This tool allows you to document required steps of a task or process in the correct order.
Recruiting/ Onboarding

Finding the right person for the job is essential for growth and retention. Ensuring that person is provided with the company’s vision, strategy and required job information is paramount for their success.  

DBS carefully considers your core requirements to find candidates with the precise skills match. We pride ourselves in ensuring onboarding starts within your required timeframe. Some of the services provided are:

  • Screening of applicants.
  • Interviewing.
  • Hire recommendations.
  • Metric tool to identify, measure, and duplicate future hiring.

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